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The Operations Section is part of the Operations and Preservation Group. It consists of 13 committees that propose research, share research findings, sponsor special activities, and provide a forum for transportation professionals to discuss today's and tomorrow's operations-related transportation issues. The chairs of each of these committees are members of the Operations Section Executive Board, who along with the section chair, provide general oversight of the activities within the Section.

No. Committee Member Affiliation
AHB00 Operations Section Dr. Robert L. Bertini, Chair University of South Florida
AHB10 Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations Mr. Leslie Jacobson WSP
AHB15 Intelligent Transportation Systems Mr. Gregory Krueger HNTB Corporation
AHB20 Freeway Operations Mr. Jon Obenberger Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), U.S. DOT
AHB25 Traffic Signal Systems Mr. Peter Koonce City of Portland, Oregon
AHB30 Vehicle-Highway Automation Dr. Steven Shladover California Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology
AHB35 Managed Lanes

Mr. Charles Fuhs
Mr. Casey Emoto

Chuck Fuhs LLC
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
AHB40 Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Dr. Tom Creasey Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
AHB45 Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics

Dr. Soyoung Ahn

University of Wisconsin Madison
AHB50 Traffic Control Devices Dr. Paul Carlson
Dr. Timothy Gates
Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Michigan State University
AHB55 Work Zone Traffic Control Mr. Timothy Baughman North Carolina State University
AHB60 Highway/Rail Grade Crossings Dr. Aemal Khattak University of Nebraska, Lincoln
AHB65 Operational Effects of Geometrics Dr. Kay Fitzpatrick Texas A&M Transportation Institute
AHB70 Access Management Mr. Marc Butorac Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
AHB80T Task Force on Transportation System Simulation Mr. Calvin Leggett Rummel, Klepper, and Kahl, LLP (RK&K)
  Young Member Council Mr. Nikola Ivanov University of Maryland
    Staff Affiliation


Mr. Richard A. Cunard

TRB Staff for AHB00 and AND40
    Mr. Scott Babcock TRB Staff for AHB60
    Dr. James W. Bryant TRB Staff for AHD00
    Name Affiliation

Operations and Preservation Group

Mr. William Varnedoe, Chair

The Kercher Group
AHD00 Maintenance and Preservation Section Mr. Max Perchanok, Chair Ontario Ministry of Transportation
AH010 Surface Transportation Weather Ms. Kathy Ahlenius, Chair Wyoming Department of Transportation
AND40 Visibility Dr. John D. Bullough, Chair Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute




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